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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ana Vidosavljevic writes

To My Unborn Son

While you are comfortably dancing and sleeping down there,
And no harms are meant to face you,
I think how many stars and moons will light your way once you are born.
Billions, trillions of them.
And a blue finch will sing you a welcome song praising your coming to this world,
Naked, barefoot and crying.
A golden oriole will sing you a lullaby while you are placed on my chest,
Eagerly looking for my breast.
Hunger will prevail and once you reach for my nipple and start drinking milk
Which will calm you,
I will cry.
I will cry overwhelmed by emotions,
Flooded by the ocean of them,
Lulled by joy, excitement and disbelief
That I have finally met you,
That I hold you in my arms,
And that I will never be alone again.
And soon after, when you are full and fall asleep,
I will carry you close to my heart listening to your calm breathing
And touching your silky skin.
My heart will be so full
That it will threaten to explode.
And I will look at you smiling and crying at the same time.
This world is yours and I will be there for you night and day,
Whenever you need me or need me not,
Now and forever.
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Mother and Child -- Lalit Jain

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