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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Robert Lee Haycock paints



Duane Vorhees writes


Come. Find me in some brick and vinyl inn
when your soul is frozen in hard winter,
lost in vast fastnesses of dark hinterland.
I’m the one with dirk and violin.

Look for me when you need swans or lions
to lead you through strange varied habitats of being –
saved relieved smitten bereft –
with pygmy verse uttered by a giant.

Manthena Damodara Chary writes


My passions weave a garland of dreams
My dreams cherish all gleaming streams
Emotions embrace ecstasy in moorings
Dancing glances stance in the mornings

Bliss blossoms into all buoyant beam
With the currents of feelings in bloom
Encharming entwined bodies in gleam
Lofty love hugs its consummate charm

Romance resumes record-setting spree
Hitting a new goal with a glance in glee
Lovely look leads to an existence lively
Fueling fantasy’s fabulous flight  fairly

Lovers can access the edges of eternity
Acquiring a new sense to life in modernity
Sustaining gorgeous grandeur in certainty
Let us go ahead in lives with magnanimity
"Spellbound" is a watercolor, 24" x 24", painted in 2018.  Its vividly feverish contours and cool, patterned ground transform gestural figures into a visually entwined unit.
Spellbound -- Diana Marta

Rupert Loydell writes


It's easier to read about it than to read it for itself: summaries and themes, critics' explanations and responses, what other people think.

It is always the wrong time and I am always obsessing. Away days are days away, but we don't quite know what for. Cakes and coffee, free pens and stationery get in the way of decisions, discussions of the future, or getting to grips with what's next.

It has never been easy, but now it's much harder. There are hours checked, research themes and groups, hoops to jump through and hurdles to jump over; no-one is trusted to account for themselves, only the people in charge. 
And so on (1 - 6), and so forth... (1 - 6) -- Dil Hildebrand