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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ajarn Wu Hsih redux

" Nondual-dual-nondual Tree of Life"
The tree of life grows
From beginninglessness to endlessness.
Its root grows from Infinity.
Its tip extending to Infinity.

There are branches,
There are leaves,
There are flowers,
There are fruits,

But there is only One
Nondual-dual-nondual Tree!

And so, there are palpable prominences
Of falling leaves,
Of drying flowers,
Of rottening fruits,
Of falling branches;

Fuelling the flame
Of embered desires,
Of greed.

Leaving only ashes of vanity.

Until comes the regeneration
Of the Seed.
The budding of evergreen leaves.
Bearing flowers of hope
And fruits of deliverance
By The One who uttered,

And it is.
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  1. The dualistic way of understanding is symbolized by the Tree-of-Good-and-Evil consciousness of the material world; the nondualistic way is symbolized by the Tree of Life, a diagram which contains the 10 emanations of unity and the 22 paths connecting them.

  2. ge comments:
    A name you may well know [or should if not] is the Tibetan Longchenpa, some'd say the 'last word' on this topic [titles: NATURAL PERFECTION, SPACIOUSNESS]

  3. “Since everything is but an apparition, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, one may well burst out in laughter.”
    ― Longchenpa

  4. Kabbalistic tradition holds that the world was created and sustained by 10 channels of divine emanation (the sefirot), represented in a diagram known as the Tree of Life. Each emanation can combine with the other sefirot and has both a positive and negative aspect within itself. The sefirot are sometimes described as being divided into triads with the 10th sefirah forming a bridge to the world of reality. Each sefirot corresponds to a human organ or limb. The topmost sefirah is Kether (Crown), the Primordial Point, the “I am,” representing the infinite energy and limitless light of God. It is sometimes referred to as the divine will, and as containing all of the other sefirot within it. It is also thought of as the link between God's infinite world and the finite world in which we live. The second emanation is Chochmah (Wisdom), often referred to as intuition. It is created out of the pure energy of Kether and is God’s primordial masculine energy. The next sefirah, on the left side of the Tree, is Binah (Understanding), God’s primordial feminine energy. It interacts with Chochmah, and together are often referred to as the Father and Mother of the Universe. Kether, Chochmah, and Binah are called the supernal sefirot and are considered to be the primordial energies of the universe. On some diagrams of the sefirot there is an additional emanation known as Da'at (Knowledge), the synthesis of Chochmah and Binah and a reflection of Kether. Da'at is not 1 of the sefirot but is a mediating and synthesizing principle. On the left side of the tree is Gevurah (Power), sometimes referred to as justice or law. It interacts with the sefirah of Chesed (Grace), on the right side of the tree, described as an outgoing and expanding force. Chesed is as absolute love that knows no limitation. Chesed is the love that is free and lacking in restraint, whereas Gevurah is the love that represents discipline. Chesed corresponds to God’s masculine side, because it expands; Gevurah corresponds to God’s feminine side, because it receives, encloses, and constricts. The triad is completed by Tiferet, which is typically drawn in the middle vertical column on the tree, a combination of harmony, truth, and compassion. The triad are forces within the heart. The final triad of sefirot consists of Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. Netzach, which is on the right side of the Tree, is the emanation of Victory and the capacity for overcoming. It is also referred to as the impulse to get things done, to work. Some texts refer to it as eternity, an aspect of revelation which stretches horizontally for all time, and an attribute of endurance within the Divine. Hod (Splendor), on the left side of the tree, is sometimes referred to as persistence or holding on. Netzach and Hod are balanced by Yesod, the capacity and desire to build bridges or make contacts, or the ability to establish relationships. The 10th sefirot is Malchut, the summation and culmination of all the sefirot above it. It completes the chain of sefirot, representing the world of experience, the aspect of the Divine which is totally immanent, here and now.