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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Pratima Apte writes

Grandma’s heirloom cup and saucer.

Grams died seven years back; and she willed this beautiful fragile china cup and saucer to me. Only I was allowed to sip green tea from it. Nobody else was allowed to do so.

There was some secret understanding between Mum and Grams.What, I didn’t know, and didn’t care to find out.

I turned twentyone, an adult, and Mum gave me a small treasure chest, beautifully engraved with a secret locking system. I had one key in a locket (Grams insisted I wear it, as it was my good luck charm) and now, Mum gave me the other key.
What I discovered completely overwhelmed me! Grams was a Wiccan?! She was a crystal ball gazer, clairvoyant and a tea/coffee dredges reader!

She was the seventh child of her parents, and I, my Mum’s seventh offspring, her seventh grandchild! I used to have dreams and nightmares, talk in my sleep; and Grams alone could soothe me.

Mum had insisted that I complete my education, become financially independent, before being told of my genetic legacy.

I suppose I was born for this field - psychology studies have armed me for further forays into the supernormal.

This precious cup somehow always ‘tingled’ in my hands. I remember Mum and Grams exchanging (knowing?!) glances, whenever I said so!

Now, all those half-forgotten memories are falling into place!

Mum quietly came in with a tray laden with chamomile tea bags, sugar, cookies, and a teapot full of boiling water, set the tray on the table within my reach, and quietly left the room.

Gingerly, I poured myself chamomile tea, to soothe my nerves, into this special cup, and meditated a bit, inhaling deeply the fragrance wafting about... when I opened my eyes, and looked at the vapours curling out from the golden liquid - I got a shock!

Grams was peering at me, from the tea! I turned around to see if she was behind me; and no, she was not! Again I looked into the cup, and she blew me a kiss and faded away!

Involuntarily, I let out a cry! Every nerve in my body, was tingling. Mum just came into the room, and surmised what must have happened. She gently rubbed my back and shoulder in comfort and hugged me close.

There was a letter awaiting me, from Area 51. So, that was my calling. Now, I understood why Grams used to watch me when I watched X-files....

I and this fine china piece have a long partnership to honour....

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