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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Rik George writes

The Tulip Bearers

Two men bearing potted tulips

in the mall processed with uplifted hands, 
solemn as priests presenting the Host. 
The younger, who led, looked back to see 
if his older companion followed safely. 
The old man’s gaze was all on his pot. 
He looked neither up ahead,
nor at his feet. He walked down stairs 
and did not stumble. “Do they visit 
the sick?” I wondered. “Look around,” 
you said. Potted tulips fill 
the flower boxes. I think they’re thieves.” 
“Walking so slow and carefully?” 
“They’re too old to run away.”
Image result for  tulip thieves paintings
Tulip Thief --  Johan Lilja

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